Hvězda mezi kometami: Galileo Galilei na jevišti dvorské disputace

Title in English A Star among the Comets: Galileo Galilei on the Stage of Courtly Dispute


Type Popularization text
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Faculty of Arts

Description The father of the scientific method, a fighter for indipendency of science, a pioneer of the mathematization of nature; everyone knows Galileo Galilei in these roles. Lesser-known is his role of a courtier who had to follow the script written by the severe rules of patronage. The presentation concerns some of the rules which Galileo needed to follow in reaction to the jesuit adversary who criticized the Tuscan mathematician's opinions under the mask of a fictitious student Lothario Sarsi. The talk also deals with the then scientific communication which involved ad hominem fallacy, insults and humiliation of the adversary.