O kouzlení a pilné práci – Kazuistika vycházející z přístupu na řešení orientované hypnózy

Title in English About spells and diligent work - a case study based on solution oriented hypnosis approach


Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Psychoterapie
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Keywords Solution oriented hypnosis, hypnotherapy, case study, aggression
Description The article presents a practical demonstration of Solution oriented hypnosis when working with a client who wants to control his aggressive behavior and achieve alcohol abstinence. The course of cooperation was also underlined by client's fear of suffering from mental illness. The author monitored changes during therapy using Outcome Rating Scale (ORS), and made videos from the session, which he later examined. He also used parts of Solution focused therapy (work with the smallest changes, scales, experiments between sessions), emphasized the suggestive aspects of the language, and worked reflectively with his therapeutic role. Part of the text is also a reflection of the client and the therapist about what was useful and important in the therapy, as well as more detailed presentation of Solution oriented hypnosis.