Career Management Skills – důležitost jejich aplikace a možnosti měření

Title in English Career Management Skills - the importance of their application and possibilities of measurement


Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Kariérové poradenstvo v teórii a praxi
Keywords CMS, career competencies, career learning, measuring of competences
Description To be equipped with needed skills is not enough only in a moment of a transition and an entrance to the labour market, it is needed to have an ability to stay inside it effectively. This article is a review study; which main objects are these career competences (career management skills) with a special accent on long-life learning area, respectively accent on the acquisition of these skills at universities. First, we define CMS, next we focus on their benefits and opportunities of application in education and learning. Next part describes the existing competences frameworks, which work with CMS and discuss the possibility of creating the one common framework. In the last part of the article, we focus on the obstacles of evaluation and measurement of these competences and discusses needs of more research with strong methodology and construction of tool helps with measurement and evaluation of outcomes from CMS activities.