Mediterranean studies

Mare nostrum, nostra res – The Mediterranean, our world in miniature.

Degree programme specification

Mediterranean Studies is a comprehensively conceived Bachelor’s degree programme aimed at acquiring knowledge of languages, literatures, and historical background of the various philological disciplines related to the Mediterranean cultural space.

Student of this interdisciplinary programme is systematically educated in the literary history of all the major cultures that were present in the Mediterranean as a contact point for the European, Asian and African continents. Compulsory reading and interpretation of the most important literary monuments of the Mediterranean aims to lead the student to recognize the interdependence and interaction of cultures.

The student is also systematically educated in Mediterranean languages: depending on the study programme, he/she chooses one or two of the following languages (Romance language: French, Italian or Spanish / Greek / Arabic; previous language knowledge is not required). These languages, on the one hand, open up access to modern scholarly literature and, on the other hand, enable him/her to (with the support of the basic knowledge of the classical languages of the ancient Mediterranean) uncover the roots of European civilization and its further development in relation to other cultures of the Mediterranean region up to the present day.

According to his/her own choice, the student can also familiarize himself with the most remarkable monuments of the history of philosophy, art and architecture, including their influence on other artistic creation of the Mediterranean, or broaden philological education from offered language, literary and historical courses.

This study programme is suitable for secondary-school graduates specialized in humanities or economy. It is a suitable complementary study for students of particular, especially Romance philologies, and for other students of related fields (geography, economics, international relations).

Within the bachelor's degree programmes offered in the Czech Republic, the study programme Mediterranean Studies is - in its philological-area focus - unique .

Faculty Faculty of Arts
Type of study bachelor's
Mode full-time
Standard length of studies 3 years
Language of instruction czech
Results of entrance exams from previous years here

Work experience

Practical training is not an obligatory part of the study plan.

Graduate destination

Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the study programme Mediterranean Studies, the graduates can find employment corresponding to Bachelor’s degree in libraries and museums, in cultural or foreign affairs departments in public administration, publishing, or media. Possible employment of the graduates may differ depending on the studied languages and the type of study programme.

Study options

Single-subject studies

Combined studies

Further studies

After completion of the Bachelor’s degree programme, it is possible to continue further studies in the Master’s degree programme directly in Mediterranean Studies or in other Master’s degree programmes (Theory and History of Arts and Culture, Comparative Literature, Literature and Inter-cultural Communication or Philology Studies) after satisfying the admission requirements.

Further information

No preliminary knowledge of modern Greek or Romance languages or Arabic is required.

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