Classical Archaeology

"Shadows of the Ancient Past light our future"

Admission to Bachelor' s and long-cycle Master's degree programmes in 2020/2021
Submission deadline until midnight 29 Feb 2020

Degree programme specification

The first study degree of Classical Archaeology is aimed on acquirement of general knowledge that represents vital presumption for the understanding and further study of the cultural-historical development, socio-economic structures and material culture of the two main civilizations of the Ancient world - Greece and Rome.

Special courses are primarily focused on archaeology, with emphasis on the material culture, architecture and arts of the ancient civilizations.

An integral part of the study is practical experience supporting not only in the field of archaeological prospection and research, but also for subsequent laboratory processing, documentation and scientific evaluation of the results.

Unique is the possibility to carry out archaeological excavations and student practice in areas of direct influence of the ancient civilizations - currently in Crete (sites: Oxa Kalos Lakkos, Priniatikos Pyrgos) or at an extraordinary Roman site near Mušov.

International relations and cooperation are supported not only by participation of students in international research or by scientific activities of the department, but also by regular lectures provided by foreign specialists. Students be recommended to attend some exchange programme. The interdisciplinary overlap of the study is very specific, in addition to specialized classic archaeological courses, students acquire basic knowledge and orientation in archaeological theory, methods and technics, in Latin and Classical Greek languages, Ancient Literature, Ancient History, Realia and Mythology of both civilizations.

Faculty Faculty of Arts
Type of study bachelor's
Mode full-time
Standard length of studies 3 years
Language of instruction czech
Results of entrance exams from previous years here

Work experience

Practical training accompanied by supervision is an obligatory part of the curriculum for this field and students experience 2 weeks for the programme minor, 4 weeks for the programme maior and 6 weeks for the programme completus of practical field work training on an archaeological site.

Actual site choice of the practical training and it is spread out over the semesters depends at students discretion. Preference is given to the practical training at the site where actively participate researchers of the Institute (Priniatikos Pyrgos, Oxa - Kalos Lakkos, Bibracte or Mušov). Practical training on other archaeological sites in the areas of direct influence of ancient cultures is also accepted.

Graduate destination

The branch of Classical Archaeology in Bachelor degree provides basic archaeological, historical and language education but also practical training for work on archaeological excavations in technical professions, further in museums, art galleries and other scientific, cultural and heritage preservation institutes. This education is also usable for range of various career opportunities and work positions in administrative, travel movement, journalism, publishing houses, educational and cultural organizations, etc.

Study options

Single-subject studies

Combined studies

Further studies

After completion of the Bachelor's study programme, it is possible to continue further studies in any Master's degree programme (after satisfying the admission requirements). At the Faculty of Arts MU students can apply for admission to a follow-up Master's degree programme Archaeology – speciality in Classical Archaeology.

Further information

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Admission to Bachelor' s and long-cycle Master's degree programmes in 2020/2021
Submission deadline until midnight 29 Feb 2020

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