Spanish Language and Literature

Degree programme specification

The Bachelor’s degree study program in Spanish Language and Literature opens the way for the acquisition of basic knowledge and respective competences in fields of Linguistics, History, Literature and Culture of Hispanophone Countries, including Spain. Input language level corresponds to the Common European Framework Reference for Languages, i. e., B1, output language to level C1.

Faculty Faculty of Arts
Type of study bachelor's
Mode full-time
Standard length of studies 3 years
Language of instruction czech
Results of entrance exams from previous years here

Work experience

Practical training is not required.

Graduate destination

Graduates with this degree can write and speak in Spanish with an almost Pre-Proficient level. They are equipped with a broad knowledge of the social, political, and cultural situations in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries. In addition to access to professional careers the fields of translation, interpretation, editing, journalism, and tourism, they are equipped with the necessary skills adaptable to other professions: the ability to think independently and critically and to express themselves in both their mother tongue and Spanish.

Study options

Single-subject studies

Combined studies

Further studies

Graduates can continue to the Master’s degree study programs in Spanish language and literature, Spanish language translation, North American cultural studies (if the previous major or minor study was English), and Upper secondary school teacher training in Spanish.

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