Degree programme specification

The study of philosophy gives insight into general but precise ways of recognizing problems, asking questions, specifying the conceptual equipment, identifying possible answers and assessing them. It develops analytical and critical equipment, promotes consistency in thinking, cultivates the ability to accurately interpret the meaning of the message. The key value of studying philosophy is rationality; the student will become acquainted not only with general procedures of rational analysis, but also with their specific forms in traditional questions concerning existence, cognition, acting or decision making. The study of philosophy is a suitable preparation for particular critical engagement, leads to intellectual autonomy and the acquired abilities are well transferable to other research areas thanks to the emphasis on the development of interpretative and formulative habits.

Faculty Faculty of Arts
Type of study bachelor's
Mode full-time, combined
Standard length of studies 3 years
Language of instruction czech
Results of entrance exams from previous years here

Work experience

Practical training is not an obligatory part of the study plan.

Graduate destination

The graduate of the program is ready to work in cultural and political institutions, analytical and communication agencies, media, departments of public relations, and managerial positions.

Study options

Single-subject studies

Combined studies

Further studies

After completion of the Bachelor's studies, it is possible to continue further studies in Master's degree programme in Philosophy (or some other related fields after satisfying the admission requirements).

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