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Forms of study

Single-subject and two-subject study programmes

At the Faculty of Arts at Masaryk University, you can study either one study programme (single-subject study) or a combination of two separate study programmes (two-subject study). In the electronic application form, you can find detailed information about which study programmes can be combined and which cannot.

If you are interested in a two-subject study, you have to submit two separate applications for the selected study programmes. After successfully completing the admission procedure (i.e. when enrolling in the course), the Study Department will offer you the opportunity to combine two single-subject study programmes into one two-subject study programme.

Inter-faculty studies

The second study programme does not have to be from the available programmes of the Faculty of Arts. Inter-faculty two-subject study programmes are possible thanks to cooperation with selected faculties of Masaryk University: the Faculty of Social Studies, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Sports Studies, and Faculty of Economics and Administration.

With these faculties, you are already choosing from the listed study combinations when applying. For study programmes combined with programmes from the Faculty of Economics and Administration, you apply through the Faculty of Arts; the other combinations are provided by the aforementioned faculties. The e-application will take care of the technical details.

Full-time and combined forms of study

It is possible to study in two ways. Full-time study means that your study duties are spread over the working days (Mon-Fri) according to your timetable. The combined form of study is more often chosen by those candidates who have other responsibilities (e.g. employment or family) that do not allow them to attend daily lectures. The teaching for combined study takes place on a block basis, usually on a Friday, once every two weeks, mostly on the basis of a fixed timetable prepared by the relevant faculty.

Entrance examination

Admission examinations for Bachelor’s degree study programmes at the Faculty of Arts vary by subject area. Most study programmes require only the Learning Potential Test (LPT); some other programmes combine LPT with a Field-Specific Test (FST). Other specifics: for study programmes in psychology, it is necessary to pass a LPT, a FST, and an oral exam; study programmes in theory and old music require a talent test and a FST. You can always find detailed information about the entrance examinations at the individual study programmes.

Learning Potential Test

Learning Potential Test (LPT is an all-purpose admission test for applicants to the Bachelor’s degree study programmes at most faculties of Masaryk University. If you are applying for multiple study programmes, you only have to sit for the test once, usually in early May.

The LPT cannot be replaced by the National Comparative Examinations Scio; the Faculty of Arts at Masaryk University does not accept the results from the Scio test. Detailed information about the admission procedures at Masaryk University can be found here.

Field-Specific Test

Some disciplines require, in addition to the LPT, a FST, usually in a written form. You can earn up to 100 points in the field test, but the success rate is set for each study programme separately. The test is assessed only verbally by ‘passed’ or ‘failed’. If you do not pass this test, you will not be accepted to the study programme regardless of the LPT result (see above). If you pass, you will be, according to the LPT result, placed on the list for admission to study.

Applicants with disabilities

Applicants with various types of disabilities can be assisted in their preparation by the Centre for Assistance to Students with Special Needs – Teiresias.

The centre can offer assistance to people with sensory or physical disabilities, chronic illness, psychological difficulties, or specific learning disabilities. These people are offered various types of support: personal assistance, a range of aids, and counselling. In addition, there is a separate university study department.

More information about this workplace can be found at You can contact them at

Exemptions from taking the entrance examination

Exemption from taking the entrance exam based on the results of the high school graduation exam

Applicants for the study programmes of Russian language and literature and Russian language focusing on corporate practice, services, and tourism may be exempted from taking the entrance examinations as a whole (i.e. LPT and a FST) if they obtained a mark of ‘excellent’ on their high school graduation exam in Russian language. The applicants will submit a certified copy of their graduation report, certified by a notary officially or from the high school directly, with a request for exemption to the Admissions Office at the Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University, Arna Nováka 1, Brno, 602 00 (personally or by post), no later than 16 June 2018 (the postmark stamp date is decisive).

Exemption from taking the entrance exam based on participation in the Students’ Professional Activities (SPA) or in the national Olympiads

Certain study programmes exempt candidates from taking the LPT or the FST when they submit a certificate issued by their high school confirming their SPA or participation in the national rounds of the Olympiads. A list of the study programmes and the exact wording of the terms can be found below (link).

There is not a universal standard for the SPA. SPA participants should attach a stamp-certified copy of their diplomas signed by their high school authority or a certificate of completion of the activity issued by the high school. Participants of the national rounds of the Olympiad should enclose stamp-certified copies of their diplomas signed by the high school authority or a certificate of completion of the Olympiad issued by their high school. Only documents issued before the last day on which the application for study can be accepted will be taken into account.

The application is to be submitted by 5 March 2018 at the latest (the postmark stamp date is decisive). Applications and the other relevant materials should be sent to the following address: Admissions Office at the Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University, Arna Nováka 1, Brno, 602 00.

Appeal in case of non-acceptance

The decision of non-acceptance is not necessarily final. Usually, not all of the accepted students enrol, so places may be offered to other candidates on the list, after the regular enrolment, if the faculty number of students has not been filled.

More information about a possible appeal of the decision of non-acceptance can be found here.


Two-field study – linking two disciplines (study programmes) within one study programme

Combined studies – a form of study that does not require daily attendance at the faculty

Inter-faculty study – linking two disciplines (study programmes) from different faculties into one study programme

LPT – Learning Potential Test

FST – Field-Specific Test

SPA – Students’ Professional Activities, see

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