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Forms of study

Single-subject and two-subject study programmes

The Faculty of Arts at Masaryk University offers more than seventy courses in the follow-up Master’s degree study programme.

You can choose either one study programme (single-subject study) or a combination of two separate disciplines (two-subject study). You can find detailed information about which courses can be combined in the electronic application form at the relevant study programme. You can combine teacher training courses only with another course in the same programme. This means that you cannot study one course from the Teaching for Secondary Schools programme and another course from a different study programme.

If you are interested in a two-subject study programme, you have to submit two separate applications for the selected study programmes. After successfully completing the admission procedure (i.e. when enrolling in the course), the Study Department will offer you the opportunity to combine two single-subject study programmes into one two-subject study programme.

Inter-faculty Studies

The second study programme does not have to be from the available programmes of the Faculty of Arts. Inter-faculty two-subject study programmes are possible thanks to cooperation with selected faculties of Masaryk University: the Faculty of Social Studies, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Sports Studies, and Faculty of Economics and Administration.

Full-time and combined forms of study

It is possible to study in two ways. Full-time study means that your study duties are spread over the working days (Mon-Fri) according to your timetable. The combined form of study is more often chosen by those candidates who have other responsibilities (e.g. employment or family) that do not allow them to attend daily lectures. The teaching for combined study takes place on a block basis, usually on a Friday, once every two weeks, mostly on the basis of a fixed timetable prepared by the relevant faculty.

All the combined form courses are accredited exclusively as single-subject study, which means that they cannot be combined with other subjects (see two-subject study).

Entrance examination

The admission procedure for the follow-up Master’s degree study programme at the Faculty of Arts is usually held twice a year. To start the studies in the autumn semester, you can submit the application form from 1 February to 30 April; to start in the spring semester, from 1 September to 30 November.

Before submitting the application

The follow-up Master’s degree study programmes are designed for graduates of Bachelor’s or Master’s degree study programmes who have completed their studies at the Faculty of Arts at Masaryk University or at another university. When applying, you do not have to prove that you have completed your studies, i.e. by submitting a certificate of your completed degree. You can take the entrance examination in parallel with the final state examination. You present the diploma when you enrol in the study.

Confirmation of the application

Application forms for study at the Faculty of Arts are submitted only electronically; no other form is possible. The Admissions Office will check whether you meet the requirements for admission, especially with regard to previous education (the university study programme), within five working days of receiving the application. If you meet the requirements, your application will be confirmed; otherwise, you will be informed by e-mail.

Form of entrance examination

The entrance examinations for the follow-up Master’s study programmes are not uniform; they vary by subject area. You will find on the websites of the relevant courses whether you will need to pass an oral or written exam, write a motivation letter, or present your Bachelor’s thesis or a diploma thesis project.

At the written and/or oral exam you can earn a maximum of 100 points; the success rate is set for each discipline separately. The number of admitted applicants to the individual courses is set only indicatively and will be specified according to the current capacity of the individual departments and centres at the time of entrance examination. The number of admitted students may exceed the expected number of applicants enrolled in the study. The expected number of accepted applicants does not have to be, at the final stage of the admission procedure, fulfilled.

Pedagogical-Psychological Test

Pedagogical-Psychological Test (PPT)

Part of the entrance examination for the subjects of the Teacher Training for Secondary Schools study programme is a test based on pedagogy and psychology. It tests the applicant’s orientation in the fundamentals of both disciplines and their terminology. The questions are based on the following thematic areas:

  1. Pedagogy as a discipline: characteristics of the science discipline, educational reality and its contexts
  2. Pupil as a subject of education: determinants of pupils’ learning
  3. Teacher: the teaching profession, professional careers, personality characteristics
  4. Curriculum: theory and forms of curriculum, system of Czech curriculum documents
  5. School: Czech school system, school function, school efficiency, school relations
  6. Psychology as a discipline
  7. Psychological phenomena: perception, imagination, memory, thinking, feeling, willingness and attention, consciousness, ‘I’
  8. Psychology of learning: habituation, conditioning, imitation
  9. Motivation: primary and secondary motivation
  10. Developmental psychology: driving forces of psychological development, stages of psychological development

The PPT contains 10 questions. It is possible to earn up to 20 points (one question - 2 points); the test success rate is set at 6 points. The duration of the test is 15 minutes.

Rules of admission procedure

  • Each applicant will take the PPT only once.
  • If an applicant takes the test twice, the first result will be considered.
  • An applicant who is exempted from taking the entrance examinations on the basis of their Bachelor’s degree exam result, will also be exempted from the PPT.
  • The PPT is also a part of the entrance examination for applicants to the inter-faculty study.

Recommended literature for the entrance examination:

  • Průcha, J. (2002, 2005, 2009, 2013). Moderní pedagogika. Praha: Portál.
  • Říčan, P. (2005, 2009). Psychologie. Příručka pro studenty. Praha: Portál.

Exemptions from taking the entrance examination

Graduates of the Bachelor’s degree study programme at the Faculty of Arts may be admitted to study in the same or related follow-up Master’s degree study programmes at the faculty without taking an entrance examination, based only on their Bachelor’s State Examination. The conditions for exemption from the entrance examination are set for each study programme separately. You can find them on the websites of the individual study programmes.

Note: The exemption from the entrance examination is not automatic. After completing the Bachelor State Examination, you must apply for the exemption by e-mail sent to the Office for Admission Process.

Applicants with disabilities

Applicants with various types of disabilities can be assisted in their preparation by the Centre for Assistance to Students with Special Needs –  Teiresias.

The centre can offer assistance to people with sensory or physical disabilities, chronic illness, psychological difficulties, or specific learning disabilities. These people are offered various types of support: personal assistance, a range of aids, and counselling. In addition, there is a separate university study department.

You can ask for help with the entrance examination when completing an e-application. For more information on Teiresias, visit www.teiresias.muni.czYou can contact them at

Appeal in case of non-acceptance

More information about a possible appeal of the decision of non-acceptance can be found here.


Two-field study  linking two disciplines (study programmes) within one study programme

Combined studies – a form of study that does not require daily attendance at the faculty

Inter-faculty study – linking two disciplines (study programmes) from different faculties into one study programme


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