The Structural Approach to Art: Otakar Zich and the Prague Linguistic Circle Re-Considered

This International Symposium The BRNO THEATRALIA CONFERENCE 2018, hosted by the Department of Theatre Studies, Masaryk University (Brno, Czech Republic), is dedicated to theatre theory and the continuing legacy of the founding figure of theatre structuralism, Otakar Zich, and of the Prague Linguistic Circle.

Czech music aesthetician, musicologist, theatre and literary theorist, composer and critic Otakar Zich (1879–1934) is considered to be a founding figure of modern theatre theory, and a great number of theorists have related their work to him and his concepts. As part of a 3-year research project on Otakar Zich (Czech Grant Agency, 2016–2018), our research team are working on an English critical edition of Zich’s seminal work The Aesthetics of Dramatic Art (1931), as well as on the exploration of its contexts, reception and its critical heritage. Internationally, in the fields of theatre theory and musicology, only limited attention has been given to Zich and his influential work. Such is the starting point of the dialogue we seek to open at the conference.

Since Otakar Zich was a personality of various interests and capacities, we propose to structure the conference at the intersection of three distinctive, though interconnected fields: theatre theory (and history), history and theory of music, and general aesthetics.

Katedra divadelních studií (Filozofická fakulta)
doc. MgA. David Drozd, Ph.D.
Mgr. et Mgr. Klára Škrobánková
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