Females as Participants and Spectators at Ancient Olympia



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Konference Scientia Movens 2017. Sborník příspěvků z mezinárodní studentské vědecké konference konané dne 7. března 2017
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Obor Dějiny
Klíčová slova agon; females; Heraia Games; hippodrome; Kyniska; running; stadium
Popis The contribution processes information about the relationship between women and Olympia in the antiquity. It deals with their participation in religious and sports festivals at Olympia and their access to this place, especially women's access to the stadium during gymnikos agon. Furthermore, it solves their access and participation in the hippodrome at hippikos agon. In this respect, it particularly discusses problems around Kyniska from Sparta and her Olympic victories from the sports and military-political perspective, thus the relationship of individual and collective glory. The last major fields of research are Heraia Games, running races to honor the goddess Hera with references to the mythical times.
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