Die Kritik an der Gesellschaft als konstitutives Merkmal des Nachkriegsdramas in der Schweiz. Versuch einer Kontextualisierung des Theaterstücks „Zwanzigtausend Seiten“ von Lukas Bärfuss



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Popis In my presentation, I tried to verify the theses that a fundamental criticism on political and social conditions in Switzerland is one of the most essential features of the Swiss literature, especially of the drama, after World War II. First, I characterised the play 'Twenty Thousand Pages' (premiered and published in 2012) which plot is based on the so called Bergier's report, then I formulated some parallels to the dramatic work of M. Frisch and F. Dürrenmatt. Furthermore, I outlined some ways how to analyse this play on the basis of the intertextuality approach.
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