Transformative Teacher Learning: An Analysis of Transformative Dimensions and Relevance



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Fakulta / Pracoviště MU

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Obor Pedagogika a školství
Klíčová slova Transformative, Teacher-learning, 21st century skills
Popis This paper attempts to present an edifice of the concepts and discourses engaged in defining transformative teacher learning (TTL) within European educational space. To address this goal, we developed three open questions: 1) Te definition of teacher learning in the 21st century,2) transformative dimensions of teacher learning in the 21st century, and 3) the relevance of transformative teacher learning in 21st century education in Europe. Inductive content analysis was applied to interpret the perception survey-based data. Tough inconsistently perceived, the most agreed-upon notion was that as a complex and dynamic process, TTL is a knowledge, skills and ability development process that exists in response to changes and challenges associated with the emerging dynamics of education. The relevance of TTL as a transformative approach is in response to the changes associated with the Common European Framework, having its niche in national and transnational education.
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