Trends in searches in Ukrainian literature of recent years



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Konference Aktual'ni pytannya filolohichnykh nauk: naukovi dyskusiyi. Naukovo-praktychna konferentsiya (m. Odesa, 22-23 bereznya 2019 r.).
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Klíčová slova Ukrainian literature; literature of recent years; nationality and national identity in literature
Popis The concept of nationality and national identity, as part of the definition of identity as such, in postmodernism and society at the end of the 20th century – beginning of the 21st century, is much popularized. Not only in history, politics and sociological sciences it is quite clear, but it is also clear that this issue penetrates into culture, and so also to disciplines dealing with the spectrum of its study. Not in the last ranks is literary studies, or more precisely comparative studies, comparing parts of different national literatures.