Relationship between early computer use and ICT competence: Evidence from OECD Countries



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Popis As information and communication technologies (ICT) have been getting continuous attention in educational area for decades now. The development of ICT competence and autonomy in using ICT in pupils proves to be a worthwhile area of educational research. This contribution deals with a potential relationship between the early use of computer and ICT competence and autonomy in pupils. This relationship is examined on data from the PISA 2015 survey, which also contained an ICT related module (questionnaire) across OECD countries, which participated in this survey. First analyses bring promising results, preliminary confirmation of the relationship between the early use of computer and pupils´ ICT competence and autonomy, as well as interesting indications for more complex developmental processes connected to ICT competence and autonomy. Implications for further research as well as educational policy area are discussed.
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