3D Interactive Visualization Method of Urban Waterlogging Based on Cesium

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Popis Urban waterlogging, as a common natural disaster in China, seriously restricted the development of society. Nowadays, while the computer technology is developing continuously, the urban waterlogging model is also constantly improved. These models can simulate the process of urban waterlogging, but the simulation results are not intuitive. So it is difficult for users to understand how the model works. Therefore, it is important to find a way to show the simulation results so that people can see the waterlogging simulation intuitively. Cesium, as a three-dimensional visualization platform, can reproduce the process of the urban waterlogging. It will make sense if we could show the simulation results on the Cesium platform. Nowadays, many studies focus on both urban waterlogging and visualization methods. However, there are fewer studies on the combination of the two, especially the interactive visualization of urban waterlogging under parameter adjustment. Therefore, this paper mainly focuses on urban three-dimensional interactive visualization method based on Cesium.
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