Sense of coherence, positive mental health and selected personality characteristics in relation to postoperative adaptation of chronic cardiovascular patients

Název česky Smysl pro koherenci, pozitivní duševní zdraví a vybrané osobnostní charakteristiky ve vztahu k pooperační adaptaci pacientů s chronickým kardiovaskulárním onemocněním


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Konference Conference proceedings of the 6th SWS International Scientific Conference on Social Sciences 2019
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Klíčová slova chronic cardiovascular disease; postoperative adaptation; positive mental health; sense of coherence; personality
Popis Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in all the Central European countries. Some patients undergo a cardiac surgery with extracorporeal circulation and their postoperative adaptation is influenced by various psychosocial factors. The aim of the research was to examine the impact of sense of coherence, positive mental health and selected personal characteristics on postoperative adaptation defined as the length of postoperative hospitalization combined with postoperative quality of life. To explore these relationships, the Mental Health Continuum Scale – Short form, The Orientation of Life Questionnaire, the Big Five Inventory (BFI-10) and the Duke Health Profile questionnaire were used. The research sample consisted of 145 patients hospitalized at the Centre of Cardiovascular and Transplant Surgery in Brno. The diagnostic methods were administered 3 days prior to the surgery and then six months after the surgery. A multiple linear regression revealed that only age and openness to experience affect the length of postoperative hospitalization. Positive mental health as defined by Keyes had a statistically significant effect on the postoperative quality of life. Before adding this predictor, neuroticism also appeared to be statistically significant, but the impact was not confirmed. The other variables (sense of coherence, extraversion and conscientiousness) showed no statistically significant effect on postoperative adaptation.
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