RoFICoM - First Open-Hardware Connector for Metamorphic Robots

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Konference To appear in proceedings of IROS2019 (core rank A)
Fakulta / Pracoviště MU

Fakulta informatiky

Popis We present RoFICoM, a new retractable connection device that allows for mechanical, electric, and data communication connection between separable robotic modules. The device is intentionally designed to be used in lattice-type metamorphic robots, however, its applicability is much wider. The main novelty of our solution lies primarily in a new unique flat design and spatial compactness of the connector. With a flat connector, much more space is left for the body of a robotic module in the structure. Moreover, the connector is also fully self-contained device with well defined mechanical, electrical and data interfaces, hence it can be easily embedded in various robotic solutions. Our RoFICoM connector is easy to produce, it is open-hardware and free for non-commercial use. In the paper, we give construction details and report on a couple of experiments we performed to demonstrate key features of the connection achieved with two RoFICoM devices.
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