Dynamic visualization method for the road waterlogging early warning based on the user location

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SHEN Jie ZANG Kaiyue LI Hanchen DU Yixian ZHONG Linying ŠILHÁK Petr

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Přírodovědecká fakulta

Popis With the increasing amount of user location-based big data, massive trajectory data, social media data (e.g., Twitter, Flickr), crowdsourced geographic information and the improvement of processing and mining technology, real-time visualization of urban daily traffic information has become possible. The urban transportation system, as the basic skeleton of the city, is not only the carrier of daily travel passengers and cargo transportation, but also a kind of disastertolerant body with extremely high vulnerability in the waterlogging disaster (Yin, Yu, and Wilby 2016). A large number of historical experiences have shown that meteorological disasters often cause urban traffic jams and even paralysis of the urban transportation system. As one of the meteorological disasters, urban waterlogging often occurs in the Yangtze river delta region in summer, which seriously impedes the normal operation of the urban traffic system. How to add real-time weather information into the existing travel route planning has become a hot issue of location-based navigation.
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