Computer Graphic Re-visited : The Virtual Reconstruction of One of the First Computer Art Exhibitions



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Časopis / Zdroj IEEE Annals of the History of Computing
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Klíčová slova Art; Virutal reality; Computer graphics; Computational modeling; Graphics; Digital art
Popis This article describes a reconstruction of the exhibition Computer Graphic utilizing the technology of fully immersive virtual reality. The reconstructed exhibition was one of the first computer art exhibitions, which was organized by the curator Jiří Valoch at the Brno House of Arts in former Czechoslovakia in 1968. In addition to describing the work with archival materials and explaining the technical details of the virtual simulation, the article provides details of Valoch’s exhibition, explains his motivations in presenting computer graphics in an art gallery, and places the exhibition within the context of the first exhibitions of computer art and early experiments with the computer as a creative medium in general.
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