Lojalumų krizė: Lietuvos bajorų politinės sąmonės transformacija 1795-1831

Název česky Krize Loajalit: Transformace politického uvědomení litevské šlechty v r. 1795-1831


Druh Odborná kniha
Popis The book analyses the fate of the Central European political culture in nineteenth-century Lithuania, after the partitions of the Polich-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Itconcentrates on the context of popular political culture, in which the poems of Adam Mickiewicz, "Konrad Walenrod" and "Grazyna" were created. These poemes are frequently called the manifestosof the Polish-Lithuanian revolution against the Russian rule. It attempts to describe and explain therelations between the imperial rule, individual and the nation, on the one side, and between the private values, individual and the nation, on the other.