Religious Aspects of Metal Music and Subculture

Metal is a style of music which employs various religious (especially occult) themes to a considerable extent. This fact should not evade the attention of the study of religions. Our conference contributions are going to focus on the analysis of the use of these elements found in individual metal bands, and at the same time the contributions are also going to discuss various religious/spiritual orientations within this subculture existing approximately 50 years. Another area is the relationship between metal and majority society, focusing on the controversy and counter-reaction that is provoked by metal. The konference is organised at the end of the course ‘Religious aspects in metal music and subculture’. BA, MA, and PhD students participate in the conference.

Organized by
Department for the Study of Religions (Faculty of Arts)
Ing. Mgr. et Mgr. Miroslav Vrzal, Ph.D.
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