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Rector's special measure:

Cancellation of contact teaching is extended until 15 May

With effect from March 11, 2020, until May 15, 2020, the Rector decided on the following emergency measures to prevent the spreading of coronavirus:

All forms of contact teaching and other contact learning activities are canceled. This limitation does not apply to distance learning, e-learning, deadlines for submission of theses and other study achievements.

The exam period is newly held from May 18, 2020, until September 30, 2020. Find more details here.

The faculty is CLOSED until further notice!

COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention at Our Faculty

Contact teaching

Is all tuition canceled?

  • Contact teaching is canceled, contactless teaching (online lectures, tests online etc.) is running.

Until when will be the contact tuition canceled?

  • The current decision is valid until May 15, 2020.
  • Given the current situation, it is highly probable that standard tuition will not continue this semester.

How is the contactless tuition organized?

  • Teachers are in contact with their students and agree with them on alternative forms of teaching (e-learning, Skype, MS Teams, etc.) and adapt the conditions for completion of courses to the current situation.
  • Students should actively address teachers, not wait for emails.

Are personal (contact) consultations possible?

  • Personal (contact) consultations are not possible during the declared quarantine period.
  • Alternatively, videoconferencing via MS Teams, Skype, etc. can be used.

What about the deadlines for submitting diploma theses?

  • Please contact your supervisor to find out the deadline for the submission of your final thesis (it can vary depending on your department).

What about the exam period?

  • The exam period will be held from May 18 to September 30, 2020, and the dates will be offered throughout the period, including during the summer months, so that students have enough opportunities to take the exams. As a result, the autumn semester will start on October 5, 2020, and will last until January 17, 2021 (see the approved Academic Year Schedule 2020/21).

Will there be any graduation ceremony?

  • All academic ceremonies are canceled until further notice.
  • The diplomas will be issued by the Student Affairs Office.
  • The diplomas will not be sent electronically.

What online learning resources can I use?

Study matters

Is the International Relations Office closed?

  • YES and NO. All faculty buildings are currently closed and you cannot access them, but the International Relations Office is, of course, still in work and we answer your emails and phone calls on a regular basis.
  • Everything depends on the individual agreement - some urgent matters, which cannot be solved electronically (e.g. receiving a diploma or other documents without electronic form) can be resolved personally, but first, please contact your study advisor.

Mgr. Michaela Hrazdílková

Phone: +420 549 49 1513

Other important information related to coronavirus

Is it necessary to wear face-covering?

Yes, from 19 March, face coverings are mandatory in all public spaces across the Czech Republic. That means that you must wear it when you are outside your residence, in both interior and exterior public spaces. People are prohibited from moving around outside their homes without protective respiratory equipment. Protective devices include surgical masks, respirators, face masks, scarves, headscarves or other means of preventing the spread of droplets.

Where you will need a face mask or similar covering: on the street and in parks, as well as in shops, government offices, and other public places, please, wear it also when you are at your dormitories and speak to someone else. It is important to protect both yourself and others. At the dorms, outside means outside your room. (Of course, you don't have to wear a mask to the shower).

At the dorms:
- only people living in each room can enter it
- gatherings are not allowed

A failure to comply with these can result in:
- getting expelled from the residence!!!
- a fine up to 20 000 CZK!!!

We also recommend you to only use public transport when essential.

If you do not have any face mask, you can make it on your own. Here and here, you can find two video manuals on how to make it in a few minutes. One of them is in Czech, but you don't have to understand the language to be able to make the mask. All you need is cloth (ideally 100% cotton), elastic bands and other small items.

Also, make sure you have clean hands both when putting on and taking off, and the veil should fit your entire face - there should be no gaps anywhere. Do not forget to clean the drape after use, or to boil in hot water.

Please, wash your hands.

Can I go out to meet with others?

The government has passed a new measure in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic - only two people can go out together at once. This does not relate to going to/from work or doctor.

Is it true that I cannot go shopping between 8 am and 10 am?

Yes, it is true. The government has banned the presence of all persons other than senior citizens over the age of 65 in grocery stores as well as in drugstores and at the post office from 8:00 am to 10:00 am, so plan your shopping at a different time.

Who can help me if the whole situation is "too much" and I need help?

We know that the current situation may be very stressful, and mental health is as important as the physical one. We, therefore, reached out to the Department of Psychology, asking if some of the teachers/psychologists would be able to provide help to international students if needed, and they agreed. If someone feels like they need to talk to a psychologist, write an email to Michaela Hrazdílková and she will put you in touch. Consultations are available in English, German, Spanish, and Czech/Slovak.

Here you can find some psychological recommendations which we received from the Faculty of Medicine.

Information related to the stay of all foreigners (including students) in the Czech Republic in the form of the FAQ:

What is the procedure for a student - foreigner who is in the Czech Republic at the time of the state of emergency?

  • All foreigners (including students) who were legally on the territory of the Czech Republic at the moment of the declaration of the state of emergency may continue to remain in the territory for the duration of the emergency situation without having to deal with their residence issues. The emergency on the whole area of the Czech Republic is declared from 12 March 2020 from 14:00 hours for 30 days.

What should be done by a student (a foreigner), whose current residence permit in the Czech Republic expires and wants to stay in the Czech Republic after the end of the state of emergency?

  • It is recommended to apply for the issue or extension of the long-term residence permit or the extension of a long-stay visa as early as possible during the state of emergency. Current information of the Ministry of the Interior on the conditions for submitting applications for residence permits in times of emergency can be found here.
  • The application must be delivered to the relevant department of the Ministry of the Interior by post with all the requisites and with the fee paid. Information is also available in English here. If it is a prolongation of a long-stay visa, it is necessary to deliver to the relevant departments of the Ministry of the Interior by post also with all the particulars and with the fee (stamp) paid. In essence, more information about the details for filing are available here.

    All these measures are only valid for the duration of the state of emergency. For more information regarding the emergency, please contact the Ministry of inferior

I am supposed to be granted a long-term visa, but at present, I cannot come to the Czech Embassy abroad, what should I do?

  • You will not be able to pick up your long-stay visa from the representative office until the end of the state of emergency (when you can leave the country). We also recommend that you follow the website of the Ministry of the interior, which is updated regularly here

Where can I find actual information about the coronavirus and measures related to it?

The Czech Government has its website where they publish news about rules and measures related to the pandemic. You can find it here:

The Ministry of Interior has also its website where they post news:

New information for foreigners regarding the state of emergency:

Faculty buildings, library, dormitories, canteens

Are the Faculty buildings closed?

  • YES, all Faculty buildings are closed to all students and to the public as well.

Is the library closed?

  • YES, the library is currently closed.
  • The return date for items that are supposed to be returned during the period was automatically extended. You can check the date after login to the library catalog:
  • If you still wish to return books, Bibliobox is available.
  • Online academic resources are available from anywhere here.
  • If you are not sure if the resource you need is available online, please contact the library and they will help you. They will also gladly assist you with searching, using, or citing sources.
  • You can ask at Facebook, e-mail, or during weekdays from 9 am to 4 pm at 549 495 379.

Is the canteen open?

  • Current information on canteen operation is available here.

Are the dormitories open?

  • Current information about the operation of the dormitories is available here.

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