The resettlement of the Czech lands´ frontier regions after Second World War

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1/2003 - 12/2005
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Czech Science Foundation
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Faculty of Education
History, Czech history, The resettlement of the Czech lands´ frontier regions

The resettlement of the frontier regions of Czech Lands after World War II was the largest inland population transfer in the Czech history, which immediately followed the transfer of the Germans. Both migrations together set approximately 4,7 milion people in motion. The resettlement process has been compiled by historiography in general outline, but the relevant publications mainly focused on the resettlement of agricultural regions and they neglected regions with the prevalence of industry, trade and commerce. Owing to the still topical questions connected with the transfer and with the "Beneš decrees", it appears that an unified synthesising monograph should be created, which would deal with the resettlement process and which would span the interval between the end of the war (May 1945) and the summer 1947. By that time, the resettlement was completed to all practical intents and purposes. However, it is also assumed that the whole operation was not really completed until 1950, when the central bodies (the Resettlement Authority and the Fund of National Reconstruction), responsible for the management of the whole process, were dissolved. As regards the existing literature, the main attention will also be given to legal questions, to links between the central authorities on the one hand and the land and lower-level state institutions on the other hand. The envisaged output will consist, in addition to partial studies, in a synthetic synpotic monograph (including the publication of primary documents), recording all aspects of the agricultural and non-agricultural resettlement.


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