Mladobronzová lokalita Jiříkovice (okr. Brno-venkov)

Title in English Jiříkovice (district of Brno) - an early Bronze Age locality


Type Article in Proceedings
Conference Šestnáct příspěvků k dějinám (Velké) Moravy : sborník k narozeninám Bohuslava F. Klímy
Field Archaeology, anthropology, ethnology
Keywords settlement; Velatice culture; plier-gate; domestic animals; wild animals
Description Archaeological rescue excavation in Jiříkovice took place in 1998 and it concerned settlement area with findings of Velatice Culture of Middle Danubien Urnfield Culture. Primary purposeof the research was to document all artifacts and thereby lay the basis for further interpretation. Almost 356 objects were detected, out of which a huge ditch (3,5–6 m wide), a plier-gate, houses and three isolated burials should be mentioned above all. The other objects consisted of economic and industrial facilities. On the locality, the remains of domestic cattle, domestic pig and domestic sheep/goat werethe most frequent, horse and dog were rarer. Among the remains of wild animals, deer, roe-deer, boar and hares were present. These remains were apparently kitchen waste and unnecessary material.