Normalizace a její vliv na československé pracovní právo

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Title in English Normalisation and its Influence on the Czechoslovakian Labour Law

VOJÁČEK Ladislav

Type Chapter of a book
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Faculty of Law

Description The study tries to find out what was the motivation behind the most important changes in the Czechoslovakian labour law during the years 1969 - 1989, and what was their final version. It focuses primarily on the 1969, 1975 and 1988 amendments of the Labour Code. The first one was written in style of Bismarck´s politics of punishment and reward – on the one hand it adopted the provision of discriminatory Statutory Measure No. 99/1969 Coll. which had provided a basis for politically motivated purges, on the other hand it brought, for example, extension of vacation. The second amendment reflected the experience of the previous ten years of appplication of the Labour Code. The third one reacted on the economic reform being prepared at that time.
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