Pedagogika a paradigmatický obrat v metodologii a teorii

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Title in English Pedagogy and a paradigm shift in methodology and theory

ŠÍP Radim

Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Pedagogická orientace
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Education

Web Šíp: Pedagogika a paradigmatický obrat (PedOr, 25(5))
Field Pedagogy and education
Keywords science; pedagogy; pragmatism; phenomenology; positivism; qualitative/ quantitative research; hard/soft facts
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Description The study depicts a paradigm shift that changes significantly early modern foundations of science, especially ideas of objectivist realism and the correspondence theory of truth and inquiry. The author introduces basic ideas of the pragmatist theory of inquiry (Dewey), and conclusions of a late phenomenologist movement (Merleau-Ponty, Barbaras, Ricoeur) that recover factual roots of the transcendental level. Both, pragmatism and phenomenology put emphasis on the role of somatic dimension in the process of inquiry. This helps us alter completely the metaphysical basis of modern science. Main changes that the author presents in the study lie in both, methodology and theory. As for the methodological discourse, the author refers to dissolving the border between sciences and human sciences and the border between quantitative and qualitative research. That leads us to replacing the traditional under standing of inquiry by a so-called “continuity of disciplined scientific research”. As for the discourse on theory, the author depicts a new role of theory in inquiry and shows great impact of somatic dimension on the process of inquiry. All of these changes alter foundations of modern science as well as of individual scientific disciplines, pedagogy included.
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