La réécriture de la mythologie et la relecture de la modernité chez Jean Echenoz

Title in English The rewriting of mythology and rereading of modernity with Jean Echenoz


Type Chapter of a book
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Faculty of Arts

Description As a result of the demarcation of the intertextual practice, except for the absence of this delimitation, any resumption of literary myth involves not only work on the abstract pattern of the myth, but the quote, imitation and transformation of literary texts that have already told this myth. Jean Echenoz registered in his own way his novels in this general category and proceed by a playful reading of hypertext writing, that it takes just call it by the name of palimpsest, because a first text was erased to be subsequently reconstituted in the middle of another text. The Greenwich Meridian, the first novel échenozienne pen gives, when it opened, vent to a "myth criticism," that is to say to a reinterpretation of mythology. But this re-reading of Robinson Crusoe is strongly marked by twists that automatically imply a second degree or third degree, if we consider the rewriting of island adventure stories made during the twentieth century as representatives of the second. In this submission, I propose to look more closely at the process of erosion that affects the mythological rewriting in one of the representatives of the so-called extreme contemporary literature and reflect on the reasons for such an attitude of rewriting
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