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Description Chapter in the catalog accompanying the exhibition Wereld Beeld. Hedendaagse kunstenaars geinspireerd door Comenius, describes the history of the book Orbis sensualium Pictus. Famous illustrated textbook, one of the first illustrated books in the world, Orbis sensualium pictus from 1658, written by Jan Amos Comenius (1592-1670), forms the inspirational basis of the exhibition, which is a collective project of the Comenius Museum in Naarden, Pubart (Hilversum) and the Museum of J. A. Comenius in Uherský Brod. One part of the exhibition presents history of the book itselves, outlines the origin of the illustrative woodcuts and depicts the changes that occurred during the publishing. Orbis has been since 1658 quickly spread to many countries. Twelfth Edition, which is attributed to William Jones, was printed in 1798 in New York. The first Polish edition comes from 1667, thanks to the Polish publisher Kaspar Müller in Wroclaw. The Czech reader definitely appreciated the 1685 four-language edition, which was printed by Samuel Brewer in Levoča. The illustrations were reworked by Jonah Bubenka, a Slovak Evangelical priest, teacher, composer, and an autodidact drawer and woodcarver, who worked in Prešov and later in Levoča. Orbis Pictus was also very popular in northern Europe, Denmark and Sweden. Book has being constantly adapted and supplemented according to the needs or language of different countries.
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