Racionalita a každodennost

Title in English Rationality and Everydayness


Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Studia philosophica
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Faculty of Arts

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Field Philosophy and religion
Keywords Rationality; Everydayness
Description The problem of scientific rationality has been the subject of critical analyses of a number of philosophers. Many of them conceded that rationality is essential for the development of science, but warned against uncritical application of rationality in everyday life. They believed that modern scientific and objectivist rationality can devalue the real meaning and purpose of human life. In his concept of the lived world – Lebenswelt – Husserl brought to the fore the value of everydayness, common pleasures and pains, which help us navigate naturally in the world. Everydayness shapes our practical attitude to the world characterized by down-to-earthness, matter-of-factness as well as emotionality. Although the world is a united whole, we live in two worlds – the world of science, scientific rationality and objective knowledge, and the world of everydayness, natural certainties and doubts, everyday rationality, that is, the world in which philosophy of medium scope has its place.
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