Co na srdci, to na obraze

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Title in English What to say, what the painting


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Description The world is "organized" on the basis of the functioning of the rules and it is also built on the existence of coincidences. Also, the human psyche is subject to the rules and going through the typical phases, which means that evolves according to a certain order, but here and there with her character gets into dark corners fateful spaces that can hardly be materially explore in detail. Even in the most mysterious darkness can not catch a glimpse of bright spots elemental humanity, which is reflected in symbols in the paintings and objects, or become the subject of spontaneous sound, motion and text submissions. Display of light and shadow aspects of human existence is the complementary nature. Shadow could not exist without sunshine, deep water could not be seen without the hills and found it to many other complementary aspects influencing the human psyche. Man find themselves in need - for example, in a situation when they appear psychological problem, psychological disorder or even disease - is often subjected to more intense experience of these polarities - alternating light and shadow life. He finds himself in the difficult task consisting in having this controversial life situations to receive and then process it in their consciousness and her cope in life. One of the ways the existential escalation phase of life to live, and how to capture her look too, is the realization of artistic expression. Creation emanating from the inner motivation of the author is often called spontaneous artistic expression or manifestation also an expression whose resources can be found in "deep down" or if you right in the heart
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