Dall'illusione alla presenza: la nascita del medioevo Occidentale

Title in English From the Illusion to the Presence: the Birth of the Western Middle Ages


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Faculty of Arts

Description Speaking of the "birth of the Western Middle Ages" may seem pretentious, first of all because it is difficult to define a single "Middle Age", but also because the caesura of history are always too complex. The avant-gardes of the late nineteenth century that overturn the European visual culture (and not only) are those that Solženicyn calls the "knots of history": moments in which past and present are intertwined opening up absolutely new and unexpected ways. This paperr aims to present one of these knots in the history of European art: it is a real aesthetic revolution that proposes an alternative illusory visualization of the Roman world, around the year 500. Thanks to external inputs - the arrival of the "migrants" "Goths - and a new image theory, the West discovers a radically different aesthetic that will give images unprecedented power.
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