Promýšlet Evropu dvacátého století : Rozpady, rozkoly a konce

Title in English Re-thinking Europe in the 20th century : Collapses, Splits and Downfalls


Type Conference
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Description The 5th annual conference Contemplating 20th Century Europe will take place on 9 and 10 April 2018 and is dedicated to collapses, splits and downfalls. We will try to capture the phenomenon of changes and downfalls from various points of view, discover their causes, analyse their typical elements and consider their impacts. The 20th century is characterized by a series of downfalls and turning points in the cultural, social and economic spheres. Some of them are generally known, whereas others took place against a background of great changes. We will seek answers to the following questions: to what extent did these events and ideas have a positive or a negative influence on European history in the last century? Who or what would be seen as their originators? In what way did they develop? Did they become historical milestones? What else did they cause? And does a downfall constitute a real end or is it a beginning of something new which will trigger new actions and tendencies? During the two-day conference, we would like to ask these questions and look for answers. The submissions should be focused on wider ideological phenomena as well as on particular events, alliances and blocs or organisations and movements. However, the aim is not to deal with narrow specific and regional topics in detail. On the contrary, one of the main focuses of submissions should be centred on the international significance, the extent to which these issues contributed to other European events, or a search for parallels across the continent. We do not want you to describe particular events or ideas, we are looking for their causes, motivations and consequences. We will focus on the period between the beginning of the 20th century to the breakup of the Eastern Block.
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