Crystallization of warrior elites on the threshold of the Bronze Age : Multifocal analysis of lithic, bone and antler industry in its social roles, life cycles, use wear and symbolics.



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Description Warrior elites crystallized on the threshold of the Early Bronze Age in Central Europe. Dynamic social processes of local chiefs’ installation seem to be tied with holding of natural resources. The power based on holding of metal, stone and agricultural soil resources and on redistribution of products implicates the existence of warrior elites; these changes are usually reflected in social stratification. Nitra Culture, an epi-Corded Ware element, emerged in the heart of these processes in Central Europe, just before the origin of Únětice Culture. Multifocal analysis of two large cemeteries of Nitra Culture in different regions reflects local differences in raw material processing, technology, sex and age of users and symbolic structures involving all grave goods to outline social dynamics at the point of local power installation and defence. Analytic part involved expert, raw-material, technological and use-wear analyses of lithic, bone and antler industry from graves, anthropological data related to sex and age, ballistic analysis of lithic projectile points and warrior mobility analysis including experimental verification.
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