Closed Doors as Constructors of Images



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Faculty of Arts

Description The purpose of this paper is to reflect on two functions which could entrance areas might have: the initiatory as well as the pilgrimage one. However, instead of a general overview, we will concentrate on a very specific element which can be found within some of the above-described spaces. We are going to talk about wooden doors, preserved in an excellent state of conservation in 5th century Rome and 12th century Le Puy-en-Velay. These objects are crucial for two reasons: first, they are covered by images dedicated to the specific audience gathered in the spaces which they are part of, and, they seem to be rare survivals of what might have been quite large phenomena. In the following minutes, we will, therefore, at first investigate the case of Door of Santa Sabina in Rome followed by the two doors of the cathedral of Notre Dame of Le Puy. Comparing these two situations, distant in time and space, we would like to propose a new reflection on doors as thresholds to the sacred.
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