Měšťanské ženy a gender : Ke konceptu feminity na příkladu Moravské orlice (1863 - 1872)

Title in English Bourgeois women and gender : On the concept of femininity on the example of the news Moravská orlice/ Moravian eagle (1863-1872)


Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Vlastivědný věstník moravský
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Keywords Moravia; gender history; newspaper Moravská orlice; 1863 - 1872
Description The paper deals with an analysis of ten years of the newspaper Moravská orlice (Moravian eagle) between 1863 and 1872 and with women´s history and gender history. The analysis of the newspaper confirmed differend conceptions of the activities of women and men within the national movement. Manifestations od patriotism to which women were directed were regarded as expressing support to a united political opinion. The female gender role, traditionally defined as reproductive, passive and related to household, has also been shaped by a number of publicly-based and, to a certain extent, political activities. Yet, it was proved that in the 1860s and the early 1870s one can challenge the impenetrability of the so-called private sphere. At the heart of the agitation of the Czech national movement among women there was a concept of patriotic maternity. It was proved that already in the 1860s the terms woman-patriot-mother were melting together. All the public activities of women (participation in events, wearing folk costumes, role of ´mothers´/ gotmothers´, carrying of battalions) were subordinated to this concept and it also became a motive for the formation of women associations. In the public space women activities were presented as secondary to the activities of men, symbolically cmpleting the idea of Czech nation. In the view of the presentation of activities of women and men in a form of binary opposition, where the women´s activities were consider ´supporting´or ´other´, a very quick definition was made of what is and that is not appropriate for women.
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