Archivní materiály vzešlé z činnosti akčních výborů Národní fronty jako pramen k interpretaci průběhu roku 1948 v paměťových institucích : uložení, informační obsah, možnosti využití

Title in English Archival materials originating from the activities of the National Front Action Committees as a source for interpretation the course of 1948 in memory institutions : storage, information content, possibilities of application.


Type Chapter of a book
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Faculty of Arts

Description Operation of communist Action Commetees of the National Front in memory institutions during 1948 still remains sidelined. Czech and Slovac community of historians focus on results of „purges“ in every single institute.This study should be mostly an inspiration to those who are interested in gaining information from this kind of resources (stored in libraries, museums and archives). Moreover it presents the phenomenon of communist Action Cometees, evolution of museums, libraries and archives from 1945 to 1948. Finally it proposes ways how to interpret these archival materials and other research possibilities.
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