Jak učitelé a studenti učitelství monitorují práci ve dvojicích v hodinách angličtiny? Pohled eye-trackingu

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Title in English How (student) teachers monitor pairwork in English lessons? Insights from eye-tracking


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Description The study aims to investigate how English as a foreign language (student) teachers monitor pairwork. It is part of a broader study on EFL teachers’ professional vision. 10 student teachers and 10 experienced teachers watched video sequences from EFL lessons. Their eye movements were monitored using SMI RED250MOBILE. The gathered data were analysed using BeGaze software. We looked at the number and duration of fixation in selected areas of interest and compared the data for the student teachers and experienced teachers. Results will be available at the time of presentation. They will shed light on how teachers cope with the increased demands when it comes to monitoring pairwork in EFL lessons.
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