CD Pocta P. Františku Sušilovi : Záznam koncertu uskutečneného 1. května 2018 v brněnském Besedním doně u příležitosti 150. výročí úmrtí významného sběratele lidových písní

Title in English CD Homage to priest František Sušil : Record of the concert held on June 1, 2018 in the Besední dům in Brno on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the death of a significant collector of folk songs


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Faculty of Arts

Description The recording of a folk song concert from the Moravian regions, where František Sušil collected songs for his collection called Moravian National Songs (1860). The concert is recorded on two CDs. It contains only the interpretations of the songs released by František Sušil in his collection. Many of the songs were interpreted for the first time ever since the collection was released. The concert was attended by 160 artists - musicians, soloists and chorus singers. A booklet is enclosed with the CD. It contains a list of recordings and performers as well as an article by Václav Štěpánek and Libor Jan “About the collector's work by priest František Sušil“ and the article by Václav Štěpánek “As priest František Sušil collected folk songs“.