VerbaLex - Comprehensive Dictionary of Czech Verb Valencies

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Magazine / Source Korpus - gramatika - axiologie
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Keywords VerbaLex; verb valencies; valency dictionary
Description In this paper, we deal with the Czech valency dictionary named VerbaLex. It is a lexical database containing 10 449 Czech verb lemmata with their valency frames providing morphosyntactic and semantic information about the verb arguments. The verbs are organized as synonymical sets and linked to the Princeton WordNet. In this respect VerbaLex differs from the other Czech valency dictionary named Vallex and developed in UFAL, Prague. The number of the valency frames in VerbaLex is about 19500. They include information about various properties of the Czech verbs such as surface cases, reflexivity, aspect, or references to the English translational equivalents via ILI.
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