Health-supportive Behaviour, Subjective Health and Life Style of University Students



Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Journal of Indian Health Psychology
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Faculty of Arts

Field Psychology
Keywords health-supportive behaviour; subjective health; life style
Description The aim of the project was to identify and describe different life style types of university students based on their health-related behaviour, to compare different life style type profiles, and to relate them to chosen personality variables. The aim of the second research phase was to verify whether the preferred life style affects the health state of respondents. The health was measured in terms of sickness frequency during the last year and also in terms of number of health complains. These relations were studied on population of contemporary university students of various majors (N=4292). By the means of cluster analysis, six types of life style based on health-related behaviour were identified. Two of these life style types (40% of respondents) can unambiguously be labelled health-supportive. From the subsequent analyses of variance, information about personality characteristics which are associated with different life style types was derived. Differences in the health state of representatives of individual life style types were examined by the means of Chi-square tests.
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