Determinants of Life Satisfaction and Health of University Students: Body Concept, Health-supportive Behaviour and Selected Personality Characteristics

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1/2005 - 12/2007
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Czech Science Foundation
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Faculty of Arts
life satisfaction, health, body concept, life style
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Charles University Prague
Faculty of Physical Education and Sport CU Praha

The aim of the project is to analyze relations among body concept (body image), body awareness, health-supportive behaviour, life satisfaction and selected physical and mental health components (somatic, psychosomatic and neurotic symptoms). Personality characteristics of explored persons and their life style will be taken into account as well. In accordance with the holistic perspective, the psychosomatic integrity of the individual is reflected in the proposed research. These relations will be studied on population of contemporary university students of various majors. The proposed project responds the research question: to what degree does the mutual interaction of explored variables affects life satisfaction and health. In order to analyze it, several models of causal relation between assumed variables (body concept, self-concept clarity, health-supportive behaviour, life style) and criteria that determinate health and life satisfaction will be created. The created models will be assessed through the method of structural analysis which enables us to determine correspondence between the various models of causal relations and the data. The results of the research will be presented subsequently in journals and at conferences both in the Czech Republic and abroad. During the last year of the research, we will be preparing the publication of the overview monograph.


Total number of publications: 15

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