Role usuzování v Galileově vědecké metodě: Analýza Maurice Finocchiara

Title in English The Role of Reasoning in Galileo's Scientific Method: Maurice Finocchiaro's Analysis


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Description The American professor of philosophy, Maurice Finocchiaro, in his book "Galileo and the Art of Reasoning" examines the scientific rationality of Galileo Galilei, the court philosopher of the Medici. Finocchiaro in his analysis of the "Dialogue concerning the two world chief systems" significantly reduces Galileo's scientific method to the application of logic and critical thinking. The presentation explores the relationship between the rational thinking and the other elements of Galileo's method (e.g. observation, experiments and rhetorics). It also attempts to show Finocchiaro's defence of the role of the nonrational rhetorical persuasion and appeal to emotions.
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