Expresivní terapie se zaměřením na výtvarný a intermediální projev

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Title in English Expressive therapy focused on visual and intermedial creativity


Type Appeared in Conference without Proceedings
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Faculty of Education

Description At the conference Perspektivy arteterapie a artefiletiky there was featured and presented a scholarly publication publication Expressive therapy focused on visual and intermedial creativity, which focuses on the current state of art therapy and its interdisciplinary contexts. The author of the publication (doc. PaedDr. Hana Stehlíková Babyrádová, Ph.D.) focuses in the book on several subjects that were examined in the context of a specific research. The presentation at the conference concerned topics such as the expression in therapy, art in the raw state, intermedial art in contemporary art therapy, types of art activities or interdisciplinary overlap, ritual speech in art therapy, project in art therapy and ideas for art therapy activities. The publication is beneficial not only for specialists, but for students of art education.
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