Vztah kinematografického centra a periferie. Závislost brněnského filmového podnikání na Praze a Vídni

Title in English Relationship between centre and periphery. Dependence of cinematic entrepreneurship in Brno on Prague and Vienna


Type Chapter of a book
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Faculty of Arts

Description The aim of this paper is to explain the way of functioning and distribution of cinema production in interwar Brno, the second largest city in Czechoslovakia. Entrepreneurs in Brno were caught in the gravity of two cinematically more significant cities - nearby Vienna and the capital of Prague. After putting into context the film distribution and corporate structure of contemporary cinema, the text focuses on relations between Brno companies and their Prague of Vienna counterparts. My aim was to make a local-level analysis of the film entrepreneurship and its interconnectedness with superordinate centres. The scope of my research was significantly limited by the unsatisfactory condition of source materials as well as secondary literature. Considering these circumstances, it is impossible to draw up a thorough analysis, but from several examples of individual companies follows that entrepreneurs in peripheral areas of Czechoslovakia were largely dependent on personal contacts. Due to missing contacts with foreign partners and lack of capital, entrepreneurs had often settled for purchasing territorially restricted distribution rights or for borrowing older worn out films.
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