Proměna antických olympijských her a sportovního diváctví na příkladu boxerského střetu Kleitomacha z Théb a Aristoníka

Title in English Transformation of Ancient Olympics and Sports Spectatorship on the Example of Pygmachia between Kleitomachos of Thebes and Aristonikos


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Description This presentation deals with the ancient Olympic Games and their transformations in terms of the active participants and spectators, reflecting the great changes in Greek culture and society in the Hellenistic era. The story from Polybios's History which describes the spectators' behavior at the stadium during the match between Kleitomachos of Thebes and Aristonikos, who was sent to Olympia by Pharaoh Ptolemy IV. Philopator, can be used as an ideal example. This story shows us the complete transformation of the situation in Greece and Olympia, in which only the Greeks, who were not murderers and sacrileges, had approach initially. Over time the situation changed, so that Greek spectators supported an Egyptian boxer against a Greek citizen and one of the best ancient athletes.
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