Vztah k otci jako klíč k národní identitě postav

Title in English Relationship to the father as the key to the national identity of the characters

DERKOVÁ Vladimíra

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Faculty of Arts

Description In ruralism literature, the connection with the homeland, field and home is connected with the motif of a paternal figure who often fulfils the function of passing on and maintaining the family traditions. The family name, which is adopted by the father, is a symbolic expression of the family continuity. According to psychoanalytic theories, the character of the father is important in shaping the identity of the individual, eg psychoanalyst Anthony Stevens sees the father as the person responsible for the transition between the home environment and the public/community environment. The relationship with the father also plays an important role in creating the national identity of a man. Identifying with the father's name and the relationship with the father, for example, according to Lacan's thinking (the term “father's name”), sets in motion a discourse that does not end with the construction of personal or family identity, but for example, national identity.
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