There is a story behind everything.

Degree programme specification

The study of Narratology encompasses the most actual trends of the modern investigation of narratives - especially in their literary theoretical, semiotic and intermedial contexts. The study focuses on the theoretical concepts which are connected with the crucial notions of narrative and narrativity and use means and strategies derived from the investigation of these notions in order to examine various narrative structures and their transformations. Thus, the study of narratology emphasizes not only the synchronicity and diachronicity of the investigation of narratives, but also views narratives from strictly intermedial and transdisciplinary perspectives.

The teachers involved in this study programs represent the top scholars in their respective disciplines in the Czech Republic and also extensively and closely cooperate with domestic and foreign scholars and institutions.

Toward the end of their study the PhD students participate in teaching courses according to their specialisation in order to gain teaching competence.

Faculty Faculty of Arts
Type of study doctoral
Mode full-time
Standard length of studies 4 years
Language of instruction czech
Doctoral board and doctoral committees

Work experience

A stay at a foreign scholarly institution which enable the students to widen their theoretical and practical portfolios represents an obligatory part of the educational process.

Graduate destination

The graduates of the study programme is an expert in least one area of the modern narratological inquiry and its application. The theoretical and practical knowledge and skills gained by the students during their studie enable them not only stay in classical narratological areas and strategies but also allow them to use their knowledge in wider intermedial and intercultural kontexts.

Study options

Single-subject studies


Further studies

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