English Linguistics

Degree programme specification

The Doctoral Studies programme in English Linguistics develops the students’ knowledge of linguistic disciplines and prepares them for independent research activity, especially in the fields of pragmatics, sociolinguistics, stylistics, functional syntax, phonology, and translation studies. Students get acquainted with methods of linguistic research, which they then apply in the preparation of their doctoral dissertation.

The basic module of this programme, oriented primarily on traditional theoretical linguistics, is supplemented by two specializations: 1. English - Czech Translation Studies, and 2. Experimental and Applied Linguistics. Both specializations offer a deeper focus on specific problems within translation studies and within experimental and applied research of language, especially the research in the fields of corpus linguistics, language acquisition, and eye-tracking.

Faculty Faculty of Arts
Type of study doctoral
Mode full-time, combined
Standard length of studies 4 years
Language of instruction czech
Doctoral board and doctoral committees

Work experience

The program does not require practical training in addition to the practice the students receive when participating in the activities of the department.

Graduate destination

Graduates of the Doctoral Studies programme in English Linguistics find employment in positions in the area of humanities that require the holder to use independent critical thinking and be able to demonstrate knowledge of a wide range of linguistic and socio-cultural subjects. They are employed as researchers, university teachers, editors, translators, and in senior positions in organisations operating in areas of the humanities.

Study options

Single-subject studies

Single-subject studies with specialization


Further studies

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Further information

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